Privacy Policy

Medicome Co., Ltd.´s Privacy Policy

Established: April 1, 2007
Revised: November 11, 2010

Medicome Co., Ltd. accurately conveys the information necessary to its customers and is dedicated to providing services that realize customer satisfaction. In order to achieve these management principles, we acknowledge the importance of the personal information we handle as part of our administration procedures, and promote activities for establishing an internal personal information protection management system (PMS) on a daily basis. Medicome observes the laws related to personal information protection and upholds the following policies as a business that handles personal information.

As a business, Medicome is involved in advertising as well as the design, creation and management of Web content and system sales, and appropriately handles and uses personal information within the usage limits specified for personal information handled in relation to large quantities of personal information handling and recruitment. Medicome also handles personal information in a way that does not exceed the limits of intended use and takes measures to ensure the latter.

Medicome observes all laws, guidelines specified at a national level and all other rules relating to the handling of personal information.

Medicome endeavors to prevent unauthorized access, falsification, loss and leaking of personal information as well as taking correction action, and protects personal information through strict control standards.

Medicome has set up a customer inquiries center for dealing with complaints and offering advice related to disclosure and amendment requests as well as usage of the personal information handled by the Company, and all customer inquiries are dealt with appropriately and promptly.

Medicome periodically revises its personal information protection management system (PMS) in order to ensure the protection of personal information and is constantly improving this system.